p5.js Approachability Lab (2019)

During my yearlong fellowship with p5.js in 2019, I designed and lead a 7 week seminar for undergraduate and graduate students called the "p5.js Approachability Lab" (or PAL) under the guidance of Lauren McCarthy. Students learned how to start contributing to an open source project and then proposed and implemented changes to the library to make it easier for others to start contributing. You can see the full syllabus here.

Arc Documentation

Berfin Ataman clarified how arc drawing works in p5.js, and improved the technical documentation for arc(). 

WebGL Docs

Maddy Fisher added documentation to explain what WEBGL was and why it is part of p5.js.

p5js.org Design Improvements

Participants drew from their experiences learning p5.js to propose several improvements to the p5.js website, including redesigning the Download page and emphasizing the web editor on the homepage.

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